Continuum Global Asset Management, LLC (CGAM) was founded in 2005 to provide advisory services with a unique perspective. CGAM is a Registered Investment Advisor and has been continuously and actively engaged in providing investment management services since its inception. We believe that Wall Street’s incentive plan for their financial advisors is erroneous and is filled with conflict of interest.

At CGAM, we have developed a platform to provide clients with premium services at flexible cost. We believe in evolving a client’s portfolio with adequate feedback and communication. In addition, we vehemently encourage clients to have frequent meetings with the portfolio manager and observe the developments and the progress in the portfolio. This allows the client to feel comfortable with the evolution of the portfolio and also allows us to educate clients and share our rationale with them.

A wise man once said, “Nature has few happy endings, instead it is a continuum”. We strongly believe in positioning client portfolios based on the panoramic financial picture of each individual client, and being creative within that framework based on the existing global and local economic conditions.

We invite you to contact us for a complimentary portfolio consultation to get to know us and our philosophy.